Pubblicato: 19 settembre 2011 in IMPRESSIONI

Being black and being from Africa is different than being brown and come from Africa.

Ways of perceiving life and to relate with the Italians differ from the color of the skin. The black, tending to dark, to pitch, even at night, frightening: there is a repulsive reaction and immediate closure by the white, a natural predisposition for submitting the black, especially if it is a woman, to enslave them when it is in the role of maid or nanny, to order them the most diverse and contradictory task because:
“You’re used to so much trouble, right? Do not you got up early every morning to fetch water from the river? “.

Being brown, tending to white, life is more light: white people are more curious to know who is this color: the “whiteys” are similar to whites, both in religion and lifestyle. Whites are more likely to help, to embrace the brown, because even if it is from Africa, “so you’re like us, does not matter if you were born in Africa, you were born there by chance”, this is why whites often come close to brown to black.
Black leather, whitish skin, white skin, what’s the positive thing in defining or being called?
humans because they approach nearest to those who have the color similar to their own?
white equals purity and black equals filth?
but in eastern culture ying and yang, black and white co-exist harmoniously. Why we can not do it?

This thought, though strong and very polemic was born from a conversation between me and a friend of mine, who is also African, but whiter than me and comparing the vicissitudes of race that have accompanied us in life, I came to the conclusion that being blacks and slightly blacks, makes the difference.

I am well aware that whites are not all like that .. a general talk!


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