Pubblicato: 22 gennaio 2012 in IMPRESSIONI
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Being anonymous to scream their rage, their violence and abuse and then gather together with other women.
The strength of women, once again united, when they are alone in front of a racist society.
Women of the same ethnicity, social status, but women of the same loneliness.

Women who exchange with each other fugitive glances of compassion in a cage .

The film deals with many facets of social, gender female, of those times: desperate women have the upper class, although they have economic problems: they have a rigid model, a social label to follow without asking too many questions transcendental.

Their black serves, as the hounds follow, obey, without flinching, without comment, without judging: their lives depend on the will of the owner. But that just serves to express a disagreement or a desperate one’s thought, and this falls into a thousand pieces.

So where is the fear? Who’s afraid of whom?. The servant has fear of being fired, the mistress of being judged.

Attack before being attacked, first subduing a prisoner.

The content of the film can be seen through modern eyes, especially with regard to the Italian society.

Nannies, housekeepers, baby-sitters who are ordered to foreign take menial and exhausting but I still do not know or become aware of their potential because the society does not allow it.

“You’re black, you are Europe, Latin America if? What to do? the secretary, the teacher? work in a bank?, but not a joke … and then do the six foreign domestic helpers, if you’re lucky Otherwise, the prostitute (I mean not only the woman as a prostitute on the street corner, but those who suffer harassment by employers in exchange for higher paying job or a salary). ”

Compassion, I saw in the eyes of Italian women at the end of the projection of the film: silence and tears, but then you leave the cinema and life is another.

Become aware of themselves, the society in which you live can afford to leave any trace of this film, otherwise the only thing we have to do is to give the film a score depending on how many tears made us pay.


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