Pubblicato: 1 giugno 2012 in IMPRESSIONI




what? how is it? sorry sir, sorry madame , thanks so much, uaooo

words or verb forms that are most often i have heard among the multitude of people who crowded the city.

Blacks, whites, yellows, mix all were there to chase something, a dream, that dream or plan to take another.

Nobody stopped, nobody touched .. if he happened to share a look was only in passing and with embarrassment if he happened to touch each was always an excuse, as if the light touch he had violated the privacy of someone.

London offers many opportunities for those who are crafty, intelligent and does not suffer from loneliness, panic attacks and sensitivity. Want to take it one thing, if you can: keep calm and carry on !, appeared on billboards, it was a message of rebellion or ironic?

The inhumanity in humanity … because I know someone, why should I distract me from my objective to exchange a few words with someone who does not know, what for?

The frenzy of the futility to stay afloat, to look like the others .. but the show must go on!

London is a cultural meltipot, the navel of the world, if one wants to be found in the human entanglement that look, but how do you go back?

Well, young at heart and wishes .. Go, enjoy, learn from experience but try to remain steadfast to yourself



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